Superior Windshield Repair in Oakland

Everyone knows how important water is to our survival. Earth is up made of rivers, lakes and oceans that support our habitats, help us grow food and ensure that we do not go thirsty. It makes up approximately 70 percent of the planet’s total mass and is probably the only thing that almost every Oakland person will drink every day. Much like the crucial role water plays to planet earth, the windshield and glass that covers your vehicle is an equally important component of of your car. Without a fully-functioning windshield it is very likely that you and your family will become more accustomed to the water residue from rain and condensation. As we all know that is never good!

At Pro Speed Auto Body we take immense pride in providing the most in-depth windshield and auto glass repair service that Oakland has to offer. This means that we will leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of repair perfection. We are aware of the important roles that a windshield and auto glass play in the overall upkeep of your vehicle. That is why if you notice a chip, crack or that if it is simply not performing to its optimal level, you need to contact the team you can trust right away.

A High-Quality Windshield Deserves High-Quality Repair

There is no doubt about it, a fully-functioning vehicle windshield operating to full capacity has kept you and your family safe for years. Think of all the storms, excessive snow fall, misguided baseball pitches and general wear and tear that it has withstood to get you and our family from point A to point B safely. Now in its time of need, you need to show it the respect it deserves. This means having your windshield repaired by the garage that can guarantee a high quality finish as standard.

How Do I Know if My Windshield Can be Repaired?

As a general rule of thumb our windshield repair technicians at Pro Speed Auto Body use the one dollar bill rule. If the damage, be it a chip, crack or dent, to your windshield is smaller than the length of a one dollar bill then we will be able to repair it. If it is much bigger than that then it will be significantly more difficult. That being said, we never say never and will review every vehicle on its own merits and make a decision from there.

How Long Does Auto Glass Repair Generally Take?

In general, a repair to a vehicle’s window or windshield will take less than an hour. However, depending on the work that needs to be done, it may take slightly longer. In addition, although the repair itself should generally be completed in sixty minutes, we recommend that you do not drive the car for at least an additional ninety minutes after the service is complete.