Leading Brake Repair in San Francisco

If there’s one thing your vehicle simply cannot do without it is a functioning set of brakes. A faulty brake pad or link will not only cause damage to your car but could also endanger you, fellow passengers and other vehicles. This is something that you cannot take a chance with.

Pro Speed Auto Body is the leading brake repair garage in all of San Francisco. Our award-winning service is a risk-free investment that will not only add value to your vehicle but will also provide you with invaluable peace of mind. Don’t take chances with an inferior brake repair service, contact the garage that motorists in San Francisco trust today.

How Do Brakes Actually Work?

While this may seem like somewhat of an obvious answer, you would be surprised at how many San Francisco motorists are not aware of the simple mechanics of how brakes actually work. In reality the answer is quite simple. Not unlike an old ten speed bike, the brake pads in your car or van follow a similar principle. This means that a hydraulic system which is filled with brake fluid triggers a set of calipers – a tool that is essentially a set of padded clamps – causing them to squeeze together on a rotor disc. This is what stops your car. Not to get too technical but it is clear to see that, over time, repeated braking will cause your brake pads to wear away. Addressing this is crucial if you want your vehicle to operate at optimal efficiency.

Signs That Your Brakes Need Repair

Unlike in the movies where a vehicle’s brakes fail leading to hilarious or horrific consequences, the situation in the real world is a little less exciting. The fact of the matter is that there are a number of obvious signs that your brakes are not performing at an optimal level. Here is a list that you should look out for if you are worried about your the state of your vehicle’s brakes.

Unusual Sounds

Rule 101 of driving a car is that if you hear a strange rattle or noise coming from under the hood then it’s usually not a good sign. Unfortunately, many San Francisco drivers miss out on these obvious sign because their music playing on their car stereo is too loud. You can still enjoy your music, but it’s very important to pay attention to every little sound, since failure to do so could be extremely costly.

Pushing and Pulling

If you feel that your car has a mind of its own then something is wrong. When your car starts pushing or pulling, it is a clear sign that the brakes are not working correctly. A number of factors could cause a push or pull effect, such as stuck calipers or uneven brake pads.

Pulsating Brake Pedal

It’s not a good sign if your brake pedal vibrates when you press down on it t. In general, this indicates a warped rotor and must be addressed immediately.