San Francisco Dent Repair Service

Any driver who has experienced the massive range of weather extremes that we get during a full year in San Francisco can probably agree about how difficult it is. From freezing sub-zero winters with snowstorms and ice to hot and humid summers with thunderstorms, driving can be a challenge. Despite how great of a driver you are, commuting in conditions like these is difficult and it’s understandable that your car will go through a certain amount of wear and tear, in particular, dents. And if you fail to repair dents, they can become a major problem.

At Pro Speed Auto Body we have been repairing dents for vehicles of all shapes and sizes in San Francisco for years. We possess the steady hand and cutting edge equipment to solve even the most awkward of dents correctly. This is not an easy task but our professional team has what it takes to get your vehicle back to its best in no time at all. Don’t take risks with your vehicle’s appearance or performance, call the dent repair service you can count on today.

Easy Dent Removal

Removing dents from a car or motorcycle is not an easy job. However, given the skill and professionalism of our skilled team of repair specialists, you would never know. They can repair and mend a dent of any size or shape with ease. In general, our dent repair experts will tackle a dent from behind and work at a slow but steady pace of one centimeter at a time until the dent has been corrected. From there, our trained technicians will use a custom-made smoothing tool to put the finishing touches on the repair job.

Smaller Dent and Ding Repairs

Depending on the depth and location of certain smaller dents, it isn’t always possible to remedy in the same fashion as you would with following a more obvious collision. In situations like these, our team of dent repair specialists will use a different technique. This involves using a fine auto sander to smooth over the dent and then fill the crevice with paint and auto-based sealant. This will not only leave your car looking as good as the day it left the factory but will also make driving it more enjoyable too.

How to Minimize Dents on Your Vehicle

Unless you car is covered in bubble wrap there is a certain inevitability to the fact that from time to time, a dent or two may occur. This is not the end of the world and, once repaired appropriately, shouldn’t leave any lasting damage to your vehicle. That being said following these three steps could reduce the likelihood of encountering dents:

  1. Don’t leave your car exposed during hail or thunder storms.
  2. Try to park in a familiar and open space.
  3. Advise kids not to play too close to the car.