San Mateo’s Brake Repair Garage

At Pro Speed Auto Body we offer a premium brake repair service. Each of our repair technicians is skilled in brake testing and can repair any potential problem your vehicle faces. As well as that, the fact that they use only the most advanced equipment and tools means that we are constantly finding new and innovative ways of ensuring full brake service. Don’t take risks with something as important as your vehicle’s brakes. Call the team you can rely on today.

Like Riding a Bike!

Learning to ride a bike is one of the greatest achievements any San Mateo resident can accomplish and it is a skill that will stay with you forever. Looking back on the experience it is hard to imagine why is was such a big deal, but at the time it was one of the scariest things you could have done. However, it would have been far worse without the help of your bike’s much-needed front and back brake. These basic pull brakes probably saved you countless injuries, cuts or scrapes, or at the very least prevented minor tumbles from turning into major ones.

While bikes and cars are very different the brakes on your bike and those in your car are very similar. In essence, they exist so that your car can safely reduce speed when it needs to. This not only prevents accidents or serious collisions but also ensures a smooth driving experience. Driving without fully-functioning brakes is a whole different story and could prove lethal for you and others on the road.

Squeal and Shout

It goes without saying that your vehicle’s brakes are one of the most crucial components in ensuring that you and your family remain safe and secure. Even diligent San Mateo drivers may feel that your car or truck’s annual check-up is enough to ensure that its brakes are in order. Unfortunately this is not true. While annual checks will detect if there is a problem, it may be months too late. Driving around for half a year or more with faulty brakes is a recipe for disaster. To avoid finding yourself in this situation it is important to be aware of the early signs of brake disrepair. One of the first indicators that something is up with your brakes is if you begin to hear a squealing sound when pressing down on the brake pedal.

If your brakes are continually making a squealing sound then this would suggest that your brake pads are wearing thin and that they need to be repaired right away. By contrast, a grinding noise when braking is more serious and requires more immediate attention. In general, a grinding noise will indicate that the brake pads have worn so thin that their metal frame is now coming into direct contact with the brake’s discs. This most likely means that they will have to be replaced.